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SolidWorld GROUP’s 3D Process is not only innovative, it has a green and sustainable heart

Think, eco-design, build and print: the 3D digital process becomes green

We are committed to promote and support innovation in the design and
production of the most modern Italian production companies and we do so in a sustainable perspective.

Be sustainable

We have offices in all the Italian industrial areas and 4 important technological centers. It is from the installation of photovoltaic panels to the reduction of the quantity of raw material, from the improvement of disposal to the local production, that SolidWorld GROUP seeks sustainability right from the stage of the ideation of a product. With this in mind, we collaborate with several Italian universities and with companies specialized in supporting companies in the ecological transition, such as RI.Circola, a fundamental synergy to create a product already thinking about its disposal.

Go sustainable

Market is changing and pushes us to look for new solutions to aggregate information, become more efficient, accurately evaluate the performance of the product and establish, from the outset, all the stages of its life cycle. Today, developing a new product means thinking about it from the perspective of a circular economy, evaluating not only the entire life cycle, but also the final disposal. Because for us, the digital factory, it stands for both modernity and efficiency, and sustainability. We create the factory of the future.

Our green initiatives

Eco-design: create a product already thinking about its disposal

Our aim is to speed up the production process, to make it as functional and efficient as possible, with a view to sustainability.