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Information for the Shareholders

Relevant information for the Shareholders

Share Capital

Description 31/10/2023 26/09/2023 06/07/2022 30/05/2022
Share Capital 1.543.999,70 1.403.637,10 1.165.700 833.600
No. of shares 15.439.997 14.036.371 11.657.000 833.600
No. of ordinary listed shares 12.020.157 10.616.531 8.237.160  
Multiple voting shares 3.419.840 3.419.840 3.419.840  
of which No. of voting rights 22.279.677 20.876.051 18.496.680  


It should be noted that, for the dissemination of regulated information, Solid World Group S.p.A. has opted for the system 1INFO-SDIR (www.1info.it), managed by Computershare S.p.A. (Via Lorenzo Mascheroni No.19, Milan) and authorized by CONSOB.

  • Ticker Code: S3D
  • ISIN Code: IT0005497893

Significant Shareholders

ShareholderAzioni a voto plurimo con diritto a 3 votiN.azioni ordinarieN. complessivo azioni% of the share capitalN. diritti di voto% of voting rights% on listed shares
Roberto Rizzo ***2.205.1702.073.1044.278.27427,71%8.688.61439,00%17,25%
through Prime S.r.l*2.205.1702.035.9794241.14927,47%8.651.48938,83%16,94%
as natural person 37.12537.1250,24%37.1250,17%0,31%
Marco Calini ***1.214.6701.151.2542.365.92415,32%4.795.26421,52%9,58%
tramite AL.CA S.r.l**1.050.000958.6002.008.60013,01%4.108.600 18,44%7,97%
as natural person164.670192.654357.3242,31%686.6643,08%1,60%
Lucio Ferranti *** 459.250459.2502,97%459.2502,06%3,82%
Other Shareholders subject to Lock-Up *** 1.186.7021.186.7027,69%1.186.7025,33%9,87%
RedFish LongTerm Capital S.p.A. *** 1.359.9831.359.9838,81%1.359.9836,10%11,31%
RedFish 4 Listing Parteners Spa *** (già RedFish 4 Listing S.r.l.) 424.462424.4622,75%424.4621,91%3,53%
Market 5.365.4025.365.40234,75%5.365.40224,08%44,64%

* Company attributable to Roberto Rizzo, Chairman of the Board of Directors
** Company attributable to Marco Calini, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors
*** Azionisti con lock-up fino al 06 luglio 2024

Disclosure Obligations

In accordance with the Euronext Growth Milan Regulation, holders of at least 5% of a category of Solid World Group S.p.A. financial instruments are deemed “Significant Shareholders”. The passing of the 5% threshold and the reaching or passing (in either direction) of the 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 50%, 66.6%, 50%, 66.6%, and 90% thresholds constitutes a “Substantial Change”, which must be communicated by the Significant Shareholders to Solid World Group S.p.A.. Therefore, within 4 trading days from the day on which the operation which caused the Substantial Change was carried out, the Significant Shareholder must communicate to Solid World Group S.p.A..:

  • The identity of the Significant Shareholders involved;
  • The date on which Solid World Group S.p.A. was informed;
  • The date on which the Substantial Change of holding took place;
  • The price, the amount and the category of Solid World Group S.p.A.’s financial instruments;
  • The type of operation;
  • The nature and size of the holding of the Significant Shareholder in the operation.

The communication may be done completing the form below and sending it to the e-mail address: affari.societari@solidworld.it 

Euronext Growth Advisor and other significant consultants

The IPO team is represented below: 

Integrae SIM S.p.A.

Euronext Growth Advisor
and Global Coordinator

Arkios Italy S.p.A.

Financial Advisor

RSM Revisione S.p.A.


and Financial Due Diligence Advisor

LS Lexjus Sinacta

Legal Advisor

T.W.I.N – The World Is Now

Financial Communication Advisor

Studio Dr. Roberto Cioni

Tax Advisor