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Custom functional prototypes

Custom functional prototypes

SolidWorld GROUP manufactures on commission incredibly realistic functional prototypes, having all aspects of the finished product These prototypes are useful to test ideas before starting the production process, there are 3D printed and with the most innovative technologies, to guarantee the highest quality of testers.

We always care environment, in fact design and printing of the product are made in a sustainable way since the prints are made through a modern photovoltaic system that uses sunlight.


The Technological Hubs

Technology Hub is a center where 3D skills are combined and where technologies are applied to real situations to be proposed as services for companies.

Our centers are created to facilitate technology transfer and the development of innovative activities in strategic sectors, in order to increase their competitiveness. In addition, they support the development of the territory by supporting the level of efficiency of companies and enhancing the level of growth.

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Tecnologia & Design

Tecnologia & Design offers rapid prototyping services, helping companies to market their product faster. From the idea to the physical and functional prototype, respecting the required aesthetic, in order to test the product before starting the production process.



SolidEnergy offers qualified support 3D printing demanding applications thanks to the advanced skills of the engineering team. The dimensional qualification service, conducted through advanced tools, allows us to obtain the dimensional certification of 3D printed parts.